Interested in snakes?

Ever wonder what kind of snake you found in your backyard or while on a hike?

Are you curious what kinds of snakes have been found in your county?

KS Snakes is your guide to identifying all species of snakes found in the state of Kansas. KS Snakes features a range of browsing and searching capabilities that allow a young snake enthusiast to an experienced herpetologist identify virtually any snake encountered in Kansas and view species information and photos.

  1. -Search every Kansas snake species by: the entire state, region, county, pattern, venomous, non-venomous and more!

  2. -Species information and photos that aid in helping you identify a specific snake.

  1. -Browse snakes found throughout all 105 counties in Kansas or several other browse options.

  2. -KS Snakes is an all in one package! That means that this app will work anywhere regardless of network connections!


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